To Our Ryann

It has been three weeks since the passing of a dear friend and college roommate. I will always remember Ryann for her inward and outward beauty, sense of humor, competitiveness, and her ability to share advice on whatever I needed. The following is a poem written over Shenanigan beers by a group of women who experienced Ryann’s lively spirit and sense of humor throughout college. Ryann, we love you and you are missed.


We met you sophomore year,

And you fit right in because we were all a bit weird.

In Suite 239 we kicked off each weekend with Sir Robert Burnett’s.

So many nights we may not fully remember,

But then again, we will never forget.

One morning, you awoke and realized your phone had taken a soak,

In a bowl of your favorite food,

Baked beans, of course!

Which put you in the happiest mood.

We celebrated Cutember,

which we failed miserably at.

No help from Mama Mel,

Whose constant supply of treats made us exceptionally fat.

After Cutember was the month of October,

where our Halloween’s were always something to remember-

Although never sober.

You started as a nerd,

then a knock-off Bellarmine security guard,

With your wig and Velcro shoes,

breaking up parties in the neighbors’ yard.

The theme of the year was “Cryin Ryann”,

you had plenty of tears to spare.

It was also the year you fooled everyone with your lyin’,

Every Sunday, at 2am, when you were too “sick” to work at the daycare.

Junior year started off at 1628.

The list of things you ate at 4 am is something we should state:

from chicken smeared with Nutella,

some Oreos dunked in peanut butter,

to Summe’s frozen pizza,

an the entire chicken you boiled with Nate,

(which you never even ate).

One morning you awoke and really had to pee.

We are mad that no one saw what happened next,

because it was definitely a sight to see.

You proceeded to fly off the toilet and took the seat with you,

It didn’t stop there because the shower curtain fell down too.

Mel was always there to pick you up whenever you needed a ride.

Except the night you broke into Allie’s room,

looking for a place to hide,

Since you lost your keys and needed a place to cuddle.

Thank goodness for Allie’s trash can that prevented that yellow puddle.

Who would have thought we would all stick together

to graduate on time,

with many thanks to us,

making the class of 2012 one of a kind.

In our hearts we will keep these memories forever.

We know you’re up there smiling down

seeing us back together.

When you came into our life you made us the perfect 10,

We are thankful for the promise that we will see you once again!

The Perfect 10

With Love,

Summe, Baby Helen, Ab-bey, Mal, Mollbey, Allie Cat, Jenty, Miss Emily and Jue


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