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Say Your Prayers and Go to Chvrches

Chvrches (pronounced “churches”) is a Scottish electronic group that I first heard live at Lollapalooza. I was very excited when I found out last week that they were coming to the Madison Theater in Covington, KY. I was initially impressed by Chvrches not only because of the pop energy they created with sounds and lights, but that their lead singer, Lauren Mayberry, has a beautiful, “un-warped” voice. Continue reading

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Freedom of Expression Verses Social Responsibility

One of the many things that makes our country beautiful and diverse is the fact that our freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition are protected by the First Amendment. As our history tells us, we are not a nation of conformity. We can express our objection or satisfaction of any governing body, policy, religion, or movement.

While I ultimately feel fortunate for our unalienable rights, this idea is not a flawless one, in my opinion. A question that I have been chewing over this past week is, “if we can, does it mean that we should?” Let me elaborate. Continue reading


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This past Labor Day weekend took me out east and down south to College Town USA, also known as Blacksburg, Virginia. For those who have never been to (or heard of) Blacksburg, it is home to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, or better known as Virginia Tech. Like traveling to Nashville, Chicago, Saint Louis or the Great Lakes, a trip to Blacksburg is very doable when you have an extra day tagged on to your weekend. Now, I understand that Blacksburg may not be on your list of “Places to Visit Before I Die,” but listen up anyways. Continue reading

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