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Overhaulin’: Westside Edition

My father is the king of DIY and home improvement. (That makes me the princess, right?) He washes the  cars, rotates the tires, changes the oil, pours the concrete, finishes the basement and fixes all of the technology. If you can pay a guy to do it, he’ll do it himself. Continue reading

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One Night in OKC: Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

While in Oklahoma City a couple of weeks ago for work, I was told the Oklahoma City Nation Memorial and Museum is a MUST see. While I didn’t think anything could top my experience at the Dealy Plaza (especially so soon), my boss and I decided that it looked like a good opportunity. I was only 5 years old when the bombing occurred in 1995, so I knew very little about it. The museum was a full historical depiction of April 19, 1995 combined with raw human emotion. The only way I can describe my feelings was that I had a lump in my throat throughout the hour and a half I spent in the museum. The world of Timothy McVeigh and how officials were able to catch him as well as the memorial of the 168 victims and the stories of rescuers and survivors left my brain wondering and trying to make sense of this and other incidences of mass destruction and terrorism. Continue reading

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