Thoughts Pondered Over “The Edge of Never”

the-edge-of-neverI have decided to add books to this blog because I go places and meet people when I open a new book. Now, this is where you find out about my guilty pleasure of cliche romance novels. Two completely different people cross paths, struggle with internal conflict and then finally give in to passion. I have read this general outline many times. I don’t get sick of it. The Edge of Never is about two young adults that cross paths on a bus while traveling across the country and fall in love along the way.

Most of the book is through the eyes of Camryn, a twenty year old who quits her retail job to travel across the county and find herself. By the end of the book, she and Andrew, her love, traveled through most of the United States and set a plan to continue to do so. They will work odd jobs and sing at local bars and up and leave to a new destination whenever they want. Of course, in my seasonal depression/cabin fever state of mind, that got me thinking: what if I quit my job to travel or move to my dream city to find myself and fall in love.

Well, let me tell you, easier said then done. I came home from college almost three years ago with $300 dollars to my name, no “big girl” job in site and twenty-some thousand dollars worth of debt. I couldn’t even fathom the concept of being an independent and established human being. The only option outside of moving back into my parents’ was taking out ANOTHER loan. I didn’t even consider taking out a “parent” loan because I was tired of feeling selfish after their sacrifices to get me through school.

Now, nearly three years later, I would not go as far as to say I am “established” but I can at least pay all of my bills on time with a little extra money left over to do the things I want. Sadly, I have become accustomed to the whole “sleep, work, workout, couch, repeat” routine and every once in a while, ask all of the “what if” questions that every sane and goal oriented person does. Is 24 too old for wanderlust? Do I just need to get a grip, grow up and take life for what it is? I have never been one to have a 10 year plan, 5 year plan or even know what I will be doing this weekend for that matter. While I envy people who find themselves on a straight and certain path, plans can set limits and boundaries, even if unintended. I think opportunities can be missed if we are too focused on a plan. Maybe that is just my hope. For now, I guess I’ll just start buying lottery tickets and daydream about pursuing my inner Camryn.


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  1. I feel the same exact way! I also only had a whopping $300 to my name after moving back in with my parents after college. I still live with my parents. However, my financial situation has improved immensely and I actually pay extra on my loans each month! This is what makes me happy – paying my loans off and putting money in my savings account. I guess it’s just the natural progression of life. At 21 I wanted money for alcohol, at 25 I just want money to be able to get a massage and go on vaycay.
    Also, I’m reading Harry Potter again, perhaps to stay in touch with my inner child or perhaps for the easy read. Keep the book reviews coming. Once upon a time I started a blog based on book reviews and recipes. I only have one entry.

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