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Seven Days of DC: Obligatory Tourist Post

As I stood in front of the Kennedy’s gravesite and the Eternal Flame, I felt like I was back in Dallas, listening to the days following JFK’s death through my headphones in the Dealy Plaza. The Arlington National Cemetery, and all of Washington DC for that matter, is an explosion of everything I knew only through books and movies. I walked to Robert’s E. Lee’s House from JFK’s gravesite and from the Arlington National Cemetery to the Lincoln Memorial. I visited the Martin Luther King Junior Memorial, which was a short walk from the Korean War Veterans Memorial. I saw the original Star Spangled Banner after visiting the National Holocaust Memorial Museum and haven’t found a more effective way of feeling very small while putting things in perspective than visiting the memorials and museums of Washington, DC. Bring it on, 2015. Continue reading

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Two Nights in Dallas: The Dealy Plaza

The Dealy Plaza in downtown Dallas is the home of The Sixth Floor Museum, a site dedicated to the presidency and death of John F. Kennedy. 20th century American history classes were by far my favorite in grade school and high school. This museum captured the center of that century. Continue reading

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